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 "Jert is like Mort Walker, only weirder, like Mort Walker for hippies" - Peter Bagge, Cartoonist

"Jert is his own church"-  Sebastian Kruger, Painter

Jert is pop art surrealist Jeremy Townsend.

He was born born in a shack on the side of a cliff in Jefferson County Missouri.

He wasted his youth at punk rock shows in the dive bars and basements of St. Louis.

He moved to New Orleans at the turn of the century and made his living as a cartoonist. 

He got kicked out by a giant fucking hurricane. 

He and his wife landed in Atlanta at the beginning of 2006, were they have happily resided ever since.

Jert's work is inspired by the absurdity of pop culture, the darkness of human nature and the music of dead people.

He has declared a war on boredom. 

He thinks he is winning..